Dr. Ava Eagle Brown's presentation style is both authentic as well as unapologetic which enables her to quickly go beyond surface level in order to find what really needs fixing.

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Susan Nightingale
Manager British Business Bank - UK

"Ava you are a truly inspirational individual. Thank you for your invaluable contribution to the Entrepreneurship & Diversity discussion and the work you have done to champion change and improve diversity within the NI entrepreneurial ecosystem. We need more like you!"

Darren Winters
Self made multi-millionaire investor and successful entrepreneur

"Ava's last event in London featured some of the top experts in the World sharing their knowledge on a range of powerful life changing topics. This was mixed with incredibly talented singers, entertainers, and actors to create a truly outstanding event. Her next event is a definite must attend."

Ina Seok
Director, Student Success Center Arizona State University

"Students felt motivated and inspired by Ava’s speech. I noticed that Ava also implemented a lot of the contextual information that I shared in our pre-meeting in her speech and made the speech specific for our student coaches. I deeply appreciated her for that. She also was punctual, and gave time for students to ask questions at the end."