about Dr. ava eagle brown

Ava Eagle Brown spent her early life in poor and rural Jamaica. Sometimes she had to skip school because she simply needed to work for food instead. However, her willpower and inner strength carried her through adolescence and the teenage years, a rough time when she experienced incest and sexual abuse as well.

As a young adult Ava Eagle Brown was even held at gunpoint, which eventually made her
decide to leave Jamaica. Rather than settling for being the victim of a painful past, she
chose instead to work her pain into purpose. She decided to be her own warrior, to rise
from the ashes as a phoenix in order to become a both resilient, strong-willed and above
all self-reliant woman. She has managed to make peace with her difficult past and has
instead chosen grace over anger, frustration and defeat. Her love for her home country of
Jamaica is still strong, though, and she has been an active force in helping others break
their particular cycles of poverty and its many effects.

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown’s talent for coaching and for inspiring change in thousands of people
derives from a genuine desire to play her part in healing and empowering the broken and
down-trodden. She is often referred to as the UK’s answer to Lisa Nichols.

'The reality is I am just that little girl from Jamaica who was born into poverty, who sold
mangoes on the train and turned my life around. I now help people and businesses do the
same. I’m here to make your life more amazing, more exciting, more fulfilled, more
significant, more profitable and more purposeful.'

Dr Michele McDowell
Child Psychologist

‘A woman in harmony with her spirit, is like a river flowing she goes where she will without pretence and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.” Maya Angelou… This quote reminds me so much of Dr Ava Eagle Brown; coaching with her has been; authentic , honest and so richly value based she has been incredibly effective in getting me to my goals I highly recommend her and her specific coaching style."

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Dr. Ava Eagle Brown is a confident, engaging, entertaining and above all motivational keynote speaker. She often has her audience in tears and with standing ovations.