Dr. Ava Eagle Brown

Master Of Mindset

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown -Multi-award-winning International Speaker, Author, and Transformation mindset business coach. 

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown coaches, trains, and speaks globally to help others shift their mindsets to change their lives and businesses- ultimately affecting their bottom-line. She proves that your past doesn't have to determine your future. She has mastered her mindset and loves to help others do the same.

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown grew up in Jamaica, selling mangoes on trains as a child. Today, she is a World-Renowned Master Coach, a multi-award-winning International Keynote Speaker, CEO, and household name. Ava has helped thousands worldwide, teaching them how to master their mindset and live their best lives. 

Ava has done keynote for clients to include:



Keynote speaker Ava Eagle Brown is an international coach who works to help others reach new heights and discover their talents, passions and true purpose in order to achieve success and overcome obstacles. She took control of her own life and mindset, after a childhood in poverty and teenage years of sexual abuse, and she will teach you or your company, organisation, project to do the same.


Why you should book speaker Dr. Ava Eagle Brown

  • Dr. Ava Eagle Brown has her own unique presentation style and approach which she uses to both empower and to motivate audiences. The ultimate goal, however, is transformation. Her messages of motivation can center around 'you have all you need within you' to 'your past doesn’t have to determine your future'.
  • Dr. Ava Eagle Brown's talks and presentations focus on how to work your mindset in order to realise your best self, regardless of what obstacles life has thrown at you along the way.

As a speaker Ava Eagle Brown is confident, engaging, entertaining and definitely motivational. She is a sought-after speaker who often has her audience in tears and with standing ovations coupled with long lines to steal a hug. If you want to empower and shift the mindset of any team, improve sales team’s performance of a keynote, Ava Brown is the person to help you with that SHIFT.

about Dr. Ava Eagle Brown

Ava Eagle Brown spent her early life in poor and rural Jamaica. Sometimes she had to
skip school because she simply needed to work for food instead. However, her willpower
and inner strength carried her through adolescence and the teenage years, a rough time
when she experienced incest and sexual abuse as well.

As a young adult Ava Aegle Brown was even held at gunpoint, which eventually made her
decide to leave Jamaica. Rather than settling for being the victim of a painful past, she
chose instead to work her pain into purpose. She decided to be her own warrior, to rise
from the ashes as a phoenix in order to become a both resilient, strong-willed and above
all self-reliant woman. She has managed to make peace with her difficult past and has
instead chosen grace over anger, frustration and defeat.

Her love for her home country of Jamaica is still strong, though, and she has been an active force in helping others break their particular cycles of poverty and its many effects.

Jane Karczewki 

Head of Global Custody

Global Banking & Markets

"A personal thank you for your excellent and honest session today. We have had so many positive comments, and all found you to be an amazing speaker."

Eric Thomas

International Motivational Speaker, Author and Activist

"Ava is a game changer, a mighty life warrior, a phenomenal speaker and a woman with heart and vision. She has passion and compassion for changing people’s lives and she’s doing it all over the planet."

John Ferris,

Regional Ecosystem Manager and Member of Regional Board at Ulster Bank Northern Ireland

"Ava is a dynamic speaker who truly brings home her message to her audience in a simple yet effective manner. Working with her has been thoroughly enjoyable and valuable."

Claudene Blythe-Miles

Acting Principal, Bethlehem Moravian college

'The reality is I am just that little girl from Jamaica who was born into poverty, who sold
mangoes on the train and turned my life around. I now help people and businesses do the
same. I’m here to make your life more amazing, more exciting, more fulfilled, more
significant, more profitable and more purposeful.'

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Dr. Ava Eagle Brown is a confident, engaging, entertaining and above all motivational keynote speaker. She often has her audience in tears and with standing ovations.